Customer Corner


We are offering a reward to our loyal customers who Refer A Friend to us for inside winter storage. You will receive a 25% discount off your inside winter storage for each friend who becomes an inside winter storage customer.

We’ve designed this significant incentive for our loyal customers who choose to use our services. There is no better time to save money than NOW!


Submit the discount form with your name printed on the top and your referrals printed below with Name and Phone Numbers.

Submit the discount form with your returned winter storage contract.

Promote Jerry’s Majestic Marine to your neighbors and friends. Remember Jerry’s Majestic Marine cares for your boat year round. Jerry’s has the largest service center and parts room in the Geneva Lakes Area. Jerry’s will fix and repair any make or model of boat, and Jerry’s provides the best care on the lake with 24-hour on-call service, and Jerry’s Guarantees Same Day Emergency Service to Their Storage Customers !!


Expect the reward if the friend you refer was an inside winter storage customer.

Expect a reward if your account is not in good standing.

Expect a 25% discount on winterization, battery care, etc. This discount applies only to Winter Storage.


Q: If 2 customers refer the same person, do both customers get 25% reward?
A: No. The customer that returns their discount form first will receive the reward.

Q: Does the person I refer get a 25% discount as well.
A: The new customer will get a 25% discount only if they refer someone else that becomes a new inside winter storage customer as well.

Q: What if I refer 5 friends, and they all become inside winter storage customers?
A: Your storage will be FREE this year, and you will have a 25% discount for next year’s storage.